Unquestionably, the best place to advertise in this era is online. The term “classified” comes from Latin word classis, which actually referred to arms or an army group in Latin. It contains the basic word class which means category. Thus classified is the organized way of separating goods and services in different classes or categories.

A classified ads website is a platform where people and companies come together to sell goods or services.

How does the classified website profit?

A classified website generates revenues by charging a fee to anyone who places an ad. The other method is by paid promotions where a seller pays a fee to highlight their ads. Also, if the website generates a lot of traffic then they can directly get income from Google AdSense and blocks.

Some of the ways to make the classified ads attractive:

  • To grab the attention, have attractive pictures: One should always take clear pictures with adequate light in the pictures to make it wide visible to the buyers. One can use 8 pictures per ad and make sure to collect all the details and angles while taking a picture.
  • The title should grab the interest of the reader within 30 sec: The title should catch the eyeballs of the reader instantly. The limit of the characters is 30. For example: HP laptop- barely used.
  • The descriptions should be about the product only: It should contain as to why the product is unique or the service which you’ll provide stands out different from others. Give all the details about the product in an easy comprehensive way. The word limit should be 80.
  • Price: It is very important to keep the price as such that would attract the customers. Moreover, people are always looking for a bargain while purchasing items. Do a well informed research in various classified websites (Example:- OLX) about the price of the specific product which you are going to post to sell.
  • Keep a regular check on the website: For the buyers to reach you successfully keep a check on the chat regularly for new messages. Make sure to fill all the information correctly.

Classified websites help to promote the brands digitally. Moreover, many websites allow free usage of the platform to post ads online. It helps one to find organic customers. As people search for some services or products and they get their requirement meet. This result in maximum sales and increased profits.

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