Growing a business can be too difficult. Especially, in the initial stages one needs to discover an unknown map of success in which one is left with too much to explore.

In this trial of discovering, online marketing has naturally come as a success step for many.

One of the online ways is through inventing engrossing contests that would excite people and encourage them to participate too. Thus, giveaways and contests can be very powerful tools in social marketing.

Giveaways and contests can have a huge impact on the overall development of the business.

There are many advantages of creating contests and giveaways through online platforms:

  • It helps one to grow their followers on social media platforms.
  • It helps one to engage with the people on a personal level and connect with them more deeply.
  • Through giveaways and contests, one invites participants to fill entry forms which indirectly help a business to get more subscribers as they send emails and subscribe to newsletters.

Setting Up A Goal:

Before creating contests and giveaways, one must be clear with the goal. As what is the reason behind this contest or giveaways?

contest and exciting prizes For example, if one has a myriad number of followers but low open and clicks then creating a giveaway and contest through email can be the perfect remedy. One can also engage people on Instagram with.

To gain popularity, one must choose an awesome prize. Have a target audience and then choose a gift. Suppose the service one provides is for a younger population, then the gifts should be like electronic gadgets or a Kindle.

Thus the prizes should be according to the targeted audience.

Tool to create contests:

One needs a tool to create engaging contests and prizes on the online platforms. One of the most popular tools is Easypromos. It is the most comprehensive and authenticate platform for promotions on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and around the web.

It has a free plan as well.

To get started with easypromos, one needs to create an account on this App and then connect the account with any social media accounts and get started with it.

To make work easier, it has templates which one can use in different occasions to create contests. For example it has template for Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day and so on.

They keep on adding new templates every week.

Note in the end:

Contests are very engaging tools which help one to get more traffic to the website or more followers on social media. It lands one in easy method to create brand awareness in a very short period of time.

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