Advertising is the attempt to drive the buying behavior of customers with convincing selling information about products or services.

Choosing the right platform for advertising a product or service is very important in advertising. For example, if the target audience is senior citizens, then an advertising medium such as Facebook is not a right choice.

Ways to increase leads with advertising:

  1. The advertising content should include a call to action. This means that the receiver should be able to response to the ad through call, letter or mail. Thus the contact information should be properly infused into it.
  2. The content should be presentable by using a color brochure or catalog
  3. Adding a coupon code in the content generally attracts more customers.
  4. Content is king. Thus, bringing together high- quality data and creativity would attract more customers.
  5. Retarget the customers who have already visited your site. It involves use of cookies to serve customers with the relevant product adverts, based on their earlier browsing history.

Common advertising methods

  1. Online advertising: – There are many ways of online advertising like:
  • Local website advertising:
  • Business web pages
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  1. Newspaper Advertising:-

Newspaper ads can still be an effective way to attract customers.

  1. Cable TV and radio:-

Cable companies offers local info channels that gives reasonable advertising for small as well as big businesses.

  1. Vehicle Advertising: – Transforming a vehicle into a mobile billboard is one of the effective to maximize business revenue. They are eye-catching and easily attract customers.

Online Advertising taking over

With the boon of internet, online advertising continues to grow phenomenally. Social media is specifically popular with advertisers, where easy access to user’s information aids in increasing revenue. With over $299 billion invested globally in online advertising in 2017.

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