A Channel Partner or a Media Partner markets a product on behalf of a producer or manufacturer. Although a company website is a potential way to sell products, still they rely on channel partners to increase revenue on their website.


Ways to choose the right Media Partner:

  • Connect to a prestigious media partner. The content should have an appeal to the editors as well.
  • Choose the Media Partner according to the targeted audience. These would help both of them to connect easily.
  • Try to team up with local partner who have more connection with the local masses and helps to market the products easily.


Social Media

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter have taken a great place for marketing products and services online. Social media partners do not sell the products themselves, thus they are called a Referring partner. Their only purpose is to divert traffic to the company’s website or page.

How to help Channel Partners to sell your products faster?

  1. Right training and tools: Give the channel partner all the resources that would help them to sell your products faster.
  2. Transparency: – The Company should be transparent to the media partner to avoid any confusion in future. The media should know the in and out of the product, the core problems and the company offers.
  3. Keep the partner media informed: – Always keep the media partner inform about the company’s growth. This will provide them with extra information and help them to rectify their mistakes too.


Partners play an important role in helping potential customers understand their options and make decisions. So to support customers and cater to their needs, partners must be equipped with the right information about new products, at the correct time.


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